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STEAM All Year

Thank you for enrolling in STEAM All Year! All courses are included with your plan.

Suggested Schedule

Please copy down this schedule in your planner and your student's planner if you would like to use it.

Pre-Algebra and Algebra: 3 days/week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Grammar and Composition: 2 days/week (Monday and Wednesday)

Entrepreneurship: 1 day/week (Friday)

Geometry and Building: 2 days/week (Tuesday and Thursday)

Web Design and Coding: 1 day/week (Thursday)

Combined Sciences: 2 days/week (Monday and Wednesday)

Agriculture and Cooking: 2 days/week (Tuesday and Thursday)

Study and Research: 1 day/week (Tuesday)

Art and Culture: 1 day/week (Friday)

Additional Information

The lessons, practice activities, and projects will take 8 - 12 hours per week depending on student's speed and engagement. If you would like for your student to engage with the subjects for 15 hours per week, please have them to complete additional rounds with the practice links included for Pre-Algebra and Algebra, Grammar and Composition, Geometry and Building, and Combined Sciences. Students can also sign up for a free account on Code Academy to gain additional practice with Web Design and Coding.

Khan Academy practice activities will be monitored for completion. Students will receive feedback based on all submitted assignments, including external practice on Khan Academy. Students who are inactive will receive reminders to practice.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that the course materials aligns with homeschool regulations for their state (if the program is being utilized for homeschooling). If you have any questions, please comment below or use the contact form. Thank you for enrolling!

To proceed to your first lesson, please click "back" (the left arrow on the red heading bar) at the top of this lesson and then click "Included Courses" in the left sidebar. After completing a lesson, please click the "back" arrow in the red heading bar twice to navigate back to all included courses.

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