Pre-Algebra and Intro to Algebra

Topics range from place value and multi-digit multiplication to one-step and two-step expressions and equations.

Pre-Algebra and Intro to Algebra

In this course, students will cover topics ranging from place value and multi-digit multiplication to one-step and two-step expressions and equations.

Some Topics Covered:

  1. Problem Solving Strategies
  2. Review of Basic Skills: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  3. Review of Place Value to 1,000,000
  4. Rounding Whole Numbers
  5. Number Patterns
  6. Order of Operations
  7. Properties
  8. Factors and Multiples
  9. Least Common Multiple
  10. Greatest Common Factor
  11. Prime and Composite Numbers
  12. Divisibility Tests
  13. Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, and Comparing Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Improper Fractions
  14. Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Decimals
  15. Common Fractions and Decimals
  16. Solving Problems with Rates and Ratios
  17. Reading graphs (line, stem, bar…)
  18. Writing and solving expressions
  19. Expressions word problems
  20. Proportions
  21. Percentages
  22. Relating Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
  23. Solving Inequalities
  24. Polygons, Lines, and Angles
  25. Area, Perimeter, and Volume
  26. Units of Measurement
  27. Solving Problems with Negative Numbers
  28. Combining Like Terms
  29. One-step and Two-step Equations
  30. Equations with Fractions and Decimals
  31. Equations with Variables on Both Sides
  32. Equations word problems
  33. Graphing on the Coordinate Plane
  34. Slope-Intercept Form
  35. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
  36. Solving Problems with Exponents, Square Roots, and Cube Roots
  37. Negative exponents
  38. Exponent Properties
  39. Scientific Notation
  40. Real World Problems

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Nikala Asante
Nikala Asante

Hi, I'm Nikala Asante!

I'm an author, educator, and international human rights advocate from Houston, Texas.

I attended University of Houston, earning my undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and African American Studies and my Master's in Education: Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Instructional Technology with a graduate certificate in Africana Studies.

More than anything in life, I want to see each of our youth receive a holistic and culturally centered education. They are the leaders of the future and will steer our planet towards balance and sustainability if they are educated to do so.

My passion for global balance has led me to traverse 12 countries such as Ghana, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Belize over the past 8 years to engage in ample research and service. And in my commitment to share all that I learn, I've written 8 books in the genres of fiction, poetry, social justice, and education which you can find between and

I currently spend most of my time writing, teaching online, spending time with my children, and creating educational programs. Any time I have left, you'll catch me walking in nature, dancing and freestyling rapping, laughing with friends, or doing something adventurous like ziplining over the rainforest.

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Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your educational journey!

Love and Light,

Nikala Asante

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